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SMH serves a hot, nutritious lunch everyday at noon.

SMH offers programs that have been created to meet an articulated need and to assist women to move forward in their lives.

St. Margaret's House creates a space for women to come together to help and support one another.

Immediate Needs:

We meet the immediate needs of women and children by providing:

• Meals:
      A hot, nutritious lunch served everyday at noon and a continental breakfast from 10-11 am.

• Showers:
      Use of a private, handicapped shower.

• Laundry Facilities

• Computer Access


• Access to clothing and small household items

• Case Management:
      Individualized case management and help with accessing other social service agencies. As part of the Community Access Network (CAN), St. Margaret’s House works with other social service agencies to help our guests through a single database and case management model. The staff helps women formulate plans of action by providing case management that reinforces the positives as well as deals with the negatives in their lives.


We provide programs to help women gain the tools and information they need to improve the quality of their lives.

All programs at St. Margaret's House are designed to help women take their next best step forward and to acquire the tools to define themselves by their gifts and talents rather than their problems. Some activities such as the lunch and health education programs help everyone who comes through SMH doors. Other programs have been designed for specific groups: parents and grandparents raising children or women attempting to enter the work force or finish their education. Every program has been created to meet an articulated need and to assist women to move forward in their lives.

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Our parenting program, A Child's Place in the Family, provides caregivers an opportunity to learn another way to raise and discipline children. The parenting program consists of five segments:
  • » Part 1, A Child's Place in the Family focuses on basic parenting knowledge of child development, active listening, stress reduction and using discipline to teach rather than punish.

  • » Part 2, A Child's Place in the Family, Challenges and Opportunities is dedicated to parenting two through twelve-year-olds. Active listening is reviewed and the principles of positive affirmation, logical consequences, disciplining with love and time-out versus spanking are taught.

  • » Part 3, Parenting Teens, was initiated as a result of special requests by the mothers. This segment explores the challenges of raising teens.

  • » Part 4, Building Self-Esteem in Your Child, helps mothers encourage and help their children to discover their best and strongest selves.

  • » Part 5, Parenting from the Inside Out, explores how the experiences of the mother affect the way she parents and helps her to be more conscious about the way she treats her child.

Individual Self-Empowerment Programs
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  • » SMH helps women transition from welfare or chronic unemployment to work by assisting them to research job openings, write resumes, apply for jobs online, and by providing work clothes. SMH teaches many how to navigate the world of work.

  • » Fashioning Our Lives: This is a 12-week program (held in the fall) where women discover and hone their talents while attending life skills workshops. Each year they work together to plan and carry out a fashion show, art acution and luncheon entitled Fashioning Our Lives that attracts ov

Financial Solvency and Economic Stability
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  • » As a part of the Bridges Out of Poverty initiative, SMH holds 45-hour seminars utilizing the workbook Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-by World, Building Your Resources for a Better Life. This program helps women build on their resources and make concrete plans to work towards a better future for themselves and their families.

  • » A branch manager from the Bank of America provides on-site individualized budget, credit, and banking counseling once a month and teaches a financial literacy course twice a year. She helps women obtain their credit reports and advises them about their next best financial steps.

  • » SMH in partnership with First Source Bank has developed a micro-loan program to help women obtain and retain employment or avoid predatory lending practices. This is open only to women who have completed the Bridges Out of Poverty program and have completed a financial literacy course.

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Health and Educational Programs
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  • » Assistant Director Patricia Marvel is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who provides crisis and short-term counseling at no cost.

  • » Professionals from area hospitals and colleges conduct classes in first aid, breast cancer detection, asthma and diabetes education, nutrition, smoking cessation and AIDS prevention. They also provide on-site flu shots, blood pressure and sugar monitoring, and primary heatlh care provider information. Since the summer of 2006, St. Margaret's House has been a monthly site for St. Joseph Regional Medical Center's Mobile Medical Unit.

  • » SMH provides GED pretesting, tutoring and information about GED prep courses.

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Children's Programs
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  • » The Children's Summer Program: Led by three college students, this program includes games, arts and crafts projects, educational and fun field trips and picnics.

  • » School supply program: SMH distributes school supplies to 350 children yearly.

  • » Computer learning programs: School aged children work one-on-one with volunteers with math and language learning games. Pre-school children are introduced to the computer and learning programs on a computer designed for them.

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Programs That Treat the Whole Person
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  • » Art program: This structured time allows guests to explore their interior life. Our guests' continued work in artistic activities stretches their vision of themselves and what they are able to accomplish.

  • » Silk Creations is a cottage industry that is run by a group of guests of St. Margaret's House. By participating in Silk Creations, the women explore and develop their artistic abilities, organizational, planning and business skills.

  • » SMH offers a weekly non-denominational spirituality discussion group and sponsors a guest retreat once a year.

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St. Margaret's House creates a space for women to come together to help and support one another. We believe that each woman is talented and gifted and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Members of this community gain ownership by helping with daily chores and by participating in monthly forums that discuss and set policy. Women and girls of all ages and boys under 13 are always welcome as long as they are not under the influence of drugs and alcohol and are not abusive to others at St. Margaret's House.